Expand the way your costumers buy on your WooCommerce website

Expand the way your costumers buy on your WooCommerce website

Is the classic WooCommerce checkout process always a good fit? what if your client is offering tailored or otherwise custom products, or handles his orders online but prefers to negotiate offline beforehand? There's many use cases in which the classic way just won't do.
If you're looking for a way to expand the way your customers can buy on your WooCommerce website, then you need to check out the Checkout Anything Form Action. This powerful tool allows you to receive and handle custom orders from any page and for any product. That means you can use it as a form for donations, a custom quote and bidding system, or anything else you can imagine. It's extremely versatile and easy to set up.

What is Checkout Anything?

Checkout Anything is a feature you can find in WooGloo, a collection of WooCommerce features by Gloo. Simply put, it's a form action, meaning it lets you set up an Elementor form to integrate in your ordering and checkout processes.
Users can submit their preferences and information, and they'll be processed through this extremely special after submit form action.

What does it allow you to do?

Not only it allows for checking out (or going to the cart) with any existing product or product variation, but it also allows users to create their own product, register it onto WooCommerce, and then buy it directly from a form. Great for custom orders or products that need to be tailored to an user's precise requirements.
Usually, companies that provide these kind of products shy away from eCommerce exactly because there's no real way to process orders in a fitting manner, not without employing the skills of a team of developers. Thanks to Checkout Anything, you as a web designer can provide this revolutionary service to these companies and more, expanding your potential costumer base.

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